Saloon Yacht Bonito


Bonito represents the finest craftsmanship of its era. It’s one of the few Finnish Saloon Yachts which have survived to this day. Bonito also has a great and well documented history with new information being found in a regular basis. She was built in 1921 at Åbo Båtvarf (1889-1954) which was the finest and biggest boat building company in the Nordic countries. The yacht has had several owners who were significant prominent figures of their time. The most notable of these were stevedore A. E. Erickson (1921-1947), industrialist Mauno Rainto (1947-1952) and Master of Law Olli Tulenheimo (1952-1971).

In 2009 Esko and Jani Vahto found Bonito in bad condition full of snow and ice. Despite her condition they saw the Bonito’s culture historical value. Bonito was still saveable and she was moved indoors waiting to be restored.

In the beginning of 2017 the project started to move when the Museum Department of Finland granted a restoration grant of 15 000 euros for the first phase of the restoration. It was half of what was needed so another 15 000 came from companies who saw the historical value of the boat and wanted to support the project. The first phase began at the maritime museum Forum Marinum’s workshop by their skilled boatbuilder Juha Suorsa.

In Spring 2018 the first phase was completed and the Museum Department of Finland granted Bonito another restoration grant which is 30 000 euros. Now to complete the second phase the other half, another 30 000 has to be raised.

Bonito will be restored in three phases. She should be completed in fall 2019 and she will go back to water in summer 2020.


How to help

Bonito has great media coverage and the project is being followed by different magazines and other instances in a regular basis. The yacht is being restored in the maritime museum Forum Marinum’s workshop which every museum guest can see through a glass wall.

After completion Bonito will be taken to a lots of boat shows such as the Helsinki Boat Fair in spring 2020, Naantali Boat Fair, Venexpo Turku etc. and will receive a lots of visibility there.

When Bonito is in water she will also be available for charter cruises.

Bonito is looking for sponsors in exchange of good visibility and/or charter cruises. If your company wants to help in our cause please contact Jani Vahto at jani@salonkivenebonito.fi for more information.


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